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Making up for lost time part 2

Title: Making up for Lost Time Part 2
Pairing: Shin and Romeo with hints of Shin and Luminor
Rating: I don't really know...
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the members of Cinema Bizarre but I would really love either Yu or Romeo for Christmas....or maybe Haunihka.....can't spell
Warnings: Some homosexual kissing and mention of nudity and coffee....but not together....well mabe...


Romeo was shocked by the glorious sight he was presented with when the door opened. He was even more shocked by the lack of grace in how Shin collapsed. It took him a few extra minutes of standing in the freezing rain before he regained his own composure. He stepped in to the small cottage and closed the door behind him.

“Poor Shin,” Romeo sighed. He brushed some hair from the other man’s forehead so he could look at his angelic face. Romeo tapped Shin’s cheeks and whispered his name, “Shin, shin, my love. It’s time to wake up.”

Shin stirred. He took in a deep breath before opening his eyes. He jumped to a sitting position and leaned against the door.

“What are you doing here? I thought I asked you to leave me alone!” he yelled.

“I couldn’t! I was so worried about you! How could I possibly leave you to go mad in these hills? Shin, I don’t even understand why you left! Please come back with me!”

“No, Romeo! I can’t I just can’t!” Shin stood and moved from the door. He shoved Romeo out of the way and entered the small kitchen. “You don’t understand! You won’t, you can’t! I just need to work a few things out in my head.”

“Your head? You just can’t allow yourself to be loved or cared for, can you?” Romeo whipped around spraying the surrounding area with water from his soaked jacket. “I love you so much and I know that you feel something for me too but you refuse to allow your feelings to be expressed! God Shin!” He thrust his hand through his hair in frustration. Water dripped on to the hard wood floor.

“You’re soaked,” Shin said absentmindedly, “I’m naked.” He looked down his front. His cheeks turned pink as he regained his sense of modesty. Romeo looked down.

“I think you’re beautiful,” Romeo almost whispered.

Shin turned and went in to the small bedroom. He closed the door behind him and leaned against the cool wood. He took two deep breaths and closed his eyes. How did he find this place? How could he not? Romeo always seemed to know where he was no matter where that may be.  Shin laughed to himself and remembered the first time Romeo found him.

Shin had been hiding out in a bookstore while the others went clothes shopping. He liked to shop but not for hours on end like the others. Manga was more his forte. The bookstore he was in had a huge collection of graphic novels on sale and he was ready to restock his private library.

It had taken him almost thirty minutes to get passed Strify and almost another thirty to get Yu to stop following him. Normally he would take pity on Yu and allow him to come with him but that day he just wanted to look at the novels with out someone telling him which he should read and which he should leave be. He was in a very good mood and reading a particularly hilarious manga. His day was almost perfect.

He turned to a bright pink love scene in the novel he was reading and out of the corner of his eye he could see a black leather jacket that contrasted to the pink page. He lifted the book to cover his face. He had hoped that he would not have to be alone with Romeo again. He had really hoped that he would not have to deal with any of his friends while he was trying to unwind. He tried to seem invisible and it seemed to work. Romeo walked right past him and into the coffee shop behind him. Even if Romeo had seen him it was obvious that he was going to respect his wish to be left alone.

After about fifteen minutes a waitress approached and handed Shin a large cup of peppermint tea. After explaining to her that he had not ordered it and then her explaining that someone in the shop had, he marched in to the small café style coffee shop. He looked around for Romeo and found him quite occupied with three young women of remarkable beauty. The girls pawed his chest and played with his hair in a manner meant to be considered arousing.

As Shin moved to approach the foursome a large girl, wearing far too much make up, grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. She squealed in girly delight as she mentally groped him. He was not only turned off but also slightly frightened. He failed to remember what she said to him but she had admitted to buying him the tea. She pulled him to her and tried to trap him into staying next to her. He tried to fight her but it is not fair to hit girls. Luckily Romeo approached and pulled him away from her.

Romeo led him to a secluded hallway in the back of the store. They were alone but at least he was not being raped by that girl. They both leaned against the wall as Shin composed himself. He began to laugh and soon enough Romeo was laughing with him. They slid to the floor and just rested.

“So you thought that I had bought that tea for you? Really?” Romeo laughed.

“Yeah! I was a little freaked out! Especially after last night,” Shin sighed in relief. Romeo went very quiet.

“Would it have been such a horrible thing if I had bought it for you?” Romeo asked in all seriousness. “I really do like you, you know.”

“It wouldn’t have been horrible,” Shin admitted more to himself than his friend, “I, I…I like you too, Rome.”

“Care to put your money where your mouth is?” Romeo asked as he leaned in closer to Shin. Shin simply smirked and connected their lips. His hands cradled Romeo’s head while Romeo pulled him closer. Their kiss deepened and their lips became more sensitive. Each gentle tug of the teeth brought on more powerful sensations than the last. Shin could remember sliding his hand up the back of Romeo’s shirt. He could remember the touch of his soft skin in his rough hands.

A loud slapping noise brought Shin from his memory. “Clothes” he thought. He grabbed a clean pair of jeans and a black t-shirt from his unpacked suitcase. He took one last look in the mirror before grabbing another shirt and a pair of jeans. He exited the room and saw Romeo standing shirtless in front of the wood-burning stove trying to dry his hair. Shin picked up the soaked leather jacket and hung it over a chair.

“You should be more careful with this,” Shin told him. “I always liked this jacket.” A smile crept over Shin’s features.

Romeo looked up at him quizzically before he spoke, “He came back to you, didn’t he.” Romeo stated. Shin looked at him more closely.

“Yeah, he did,” Shin lowered his eyes, “I just don’t know what I want anymore!” He turned from Romeo and crossed his arms over his chest in frustration. “I loved him so much and I wished for him to return for so long and then there was you and I thought maybe there was hope for my heart but then when Luminor came back I was so lost. I couldn’t breath and he asked for me to come back to him.” He took a deep breath, “Oh Romeo, I just, I just, I can’t believe all that has happened. Just a year ago I was ready to give my entire self to Luminor forever and now I don’t even know if there’s enough of myself to continue on. I just hurt so much, Romeo.”

Romeo moved from his warm spot by the stove and wrapped his arms around Shin from behind. Shin tensed his body but only for a moment before he relaxed and gave in to just being held. Shin nearly melted in the warm embrace.

“I believe that you know more than you think about life and love. I will never hurt you Shin. I promise you this. Luminor has hurt you and ripped your heart from your chest. I may not have given back your heart, no one could accomplish such a feat, but I have cut out part of my own and given it to you to keep. Oh Shin, I love you more than anything I have ever loved.”

“Romeo,” Shin turned to face the mad who spoke such kind words. Romeo’s eyes were on the ground and his face was dark. Shin knew it took so much for him to say that. Romeo was laying his heart out on the table and it was a take it or break it moment. Shin took it. “You’re right. Your heart does beat in my chest and the rhythm is perfect!”

Romeo looked up to Shin and a grin spread across his face. He took two large steps to Shin and embraced him. They kissed a kiss to end all kisses. The whole kiss was so deep and meaningful that they lost themselves in it. Needless to say no clothes, wet or dry, stayed on their person. The storm continued to rage outside while the passion raged inside.

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