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Not so conventional love chapter 5

Sorry it took me so long:

Title: Not so Conventional Love
Pairing: Strify/OMC
Rating: NC17
Summary: (kinda long sorry) A week into the Lady GaGa tour, Nick and his brother, Sean, must go back to their hometown due to the death of their mother. Sean is the guitarist of one of the opening bands—The White Tie Affair—and Nick is Cinema Bizarre’s tour manager. So, Nick calls his long-time friend, Riley, to step in. But there’s a catch, Riley is straight….. and Strify isn’t happy about that. Who will hook up with who? Whose heart will get broken?

Not So Conventional Love

Chapter 5 – Unforgettable Birthday

Wednesday night:

“It lingers on.” Strify sang as he pranced around the stage. “Forever……Forever” with a flick of a wrist, the boys waved goodbye to the crowd of screaming fan girls.

“Italy is so amazing!” Kiro declared.

“Not as fun as Berlin though,” Strify shot back with what seemed to be a well-hidden frown behind his lips. But Kiro knew him all too well.

“Well it was on MTV. You should be happy”

“I am. I promise.” Strify looked away.

And there it was, the sign that Kiro was looking for. So, he pulled Strify behind a few equipment boxes back stage. “Strify, talk to me. What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine, Kiro.”

“Don’t bullshit me.”

“Alright, it’s just I haven’t heard from Riley in 3 weeks, and my birthday is Friday. He’s probably out fucking some girl.”

“Hey! One, you don’t know that for sure. Two, it’s not like you guys are a couple anyways. He doesn’t even like guys. But, I think he like you.

“That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one”

“No, listen: I believe love has no gender,” Kiro explained. “You love a person for who they are and not what’s between their legs.”

Strify pondered this and found much sense in what Kiro was saying. Kiro spoke again, “Come on, Yu said something about cookies in our dressing room.”

“No thanks, let’s just go back to the hotel.” While Strify and Kiro were walking out of the door that lead the streets, he suddenly felt a vibration on his right hip. As he pulled it out and looked at the lit up screen, his eyes widened.

“Well?” Kiro asked?

“It’s him!”

“Well, fucking answer it!” Kiro giggled. “Wait! But first, act pissed. Make sure he knows he should’ve called you sooner.”

After he calmed himself down, Strify flipped the phone open, “Hello?”

A raspy voice responded in his ear, “Hey, it’s me”

Taking in Kiro’s advice Strify said, “Oh, um hey”

“Um sorry we haven’t talked in a few days.”

“A few days?”

“Well, I want to make it up to you.”

“Oh?” Strify responded trying not to sound excited. “How?”

“Turn around”

“What?” Strify couldn’t keep his excitement in any longer.

“Ha I said turn around!” With that, Strify did as he was told. A block away, he saw Riley standing underneath a street light.

“Shit” Strify said under his breath.

Riley just smiled and made his way towards the two boys. Kiro gave Strify a nudge on in the back, and he started to walk forward in a sort of trance. But, a walk turned into jog. As they met, Strify had no control over his actions. He jumped onto Riley, straddling his waist and wrapping his arms around his neck. Riley locked his arms around Strify’s to hug him back.

When both men were satisfied with the hug, Riley put the singer down. “Holy Shit! I cannot believe you are here. No wonder you weren’t calling be or texting me back.”

“I wanted to build suspense.” By that time Kiro had made his way down the block to bring Riley in for a hug.

“It’s so great to see you”

“So when did you get here?” Strify asked.

“I got here right in time for your performance.”

“Damn! You saw it? We messed up a lot. Did you see Yu slip?”

“Like I haven’t seen you guys perform and mess up before. It happened every night!”

“Whatever!” Kiro gave Riley a punch on the arm.

“So what are the plans for tonight?”

“Ha nothing actually. We’re saving that for Friday night.” Kiro gave Strify a smirk.

“I can’t wait” Riley replied. “So let’s get the rest of the guys and go back to the hotel. You think there’s a space on the floor for me?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT NIGHT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The familiar clicking of a key entering a lock was followed by a turning of a knob. The four boys entered the apartment, dragging their feet after a whole day of travel.

“Finally we are home.” Kiro said while stretching his arms above his head.

“So, how do you like it?” Strify asked with a hint of seduction.

“Love it!” Riley looked around and pointed to the black, leather couch, “This is where I’m sleeping?”

“No, with me, in my bed,” Strify said in his head.

“Ya. I’ll get you a pillow and blankets real quick,” Kiro replied when Strify said nothing. “What are you smirking about?”

“Oh….n…nothing. Are you guys hungry? Because I’m starving.”

“I think we have peanut butter and jelly in there somewhere.” Shin suggested. “Wait, never mind. The jelly is moldy.”

‘Um, I think I’ll pass thanks.” Riley responded

“Me too, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.” Strify declared.

After a 20 minutes, Kiro, Shin, Strify and Riley were all in their respected beds, and couch. “Night Strify, Kiro, Shin”

A, “Night Riley” came out of the 3 bedrooms.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


While Strify was preoccupied in the bathroom fixing his makeup, a knock came from the door. “Yes?” Riley opened the door.

“Kiro and Shin left.”

“Why, did they go tip off my favorite club I was coming so I can be surprised?”

“Ha, no.” Strify shot Riley a ‘Ya right’ look in the reflection of the mirror. “Ok, they did. But hey, I think this would be a good time to give you your present.”

Strify’s heart fluttered a little, “Ok where is it?”

“Just come sit down.” Strify did as he was told and sat next to Riley at the kitchen table. “Listen, tonight is your night, and I want you to be happy. So, (Riley took a deep breath) for tonight and tonight only, I’m yours.”

“What? What does that mean?”

“Up until 3 a.m., you can do anything you want with me: dance with me, hold my hand, kiss me…”


“Well, everything but sex. I don’t think I can do that.”

Inside, Strify was jumping up and down screaming at the top of his lungs, but in reality, he kept his composure. “So, since you forgot it was my birthday you came up with this on a whim?” He asked playfully.

“No, your other present in on your bed”

“What? I thought you said no sex” Strify said, knowing full well what Riley meant.

“Shut up. Just get into your room! ;)”

Sitting on his bed was a picture. As Strify got closer, he was able to make out a picture of Madonna. “Ah, I love this picture of her.”

“Take a closer look you goof!” replied Riley who was leaning against the doorway. And on the bottom right hand corner, Strify saw some writing:

“To Strify, thanks for being such a great fan. Stay bizarre, Madonna.”

“Fuck! Where did you get this?”

“A buddy of mine was her soundman last tour.”

Strify had never felt so much joy in his entire life. He wanted to cry. But yet again, he kept his composure and walked seductively over to the man leaning on the doorway. “So, does this mean I get to thank you?”

“Yes,” Riley said trying not to sound nervous. Because that’s exactly what he was. He didn’t want to kiss a guy, he wanted to kiss Strify. “But, they are the same thing aren’t they?” He asked himself. “Of course they are, Riley. Fuck, just suck it up. He would do something this good for you on your birthday!”

Riley’s thought was interrupted when Strify placed his hand on the back of his neck. They both locked eyes and Strify smiled a sweet smile. Riley broke the gaze when he looked down at Strify’s lips and Strify followed suit. After moistening his lips, Strify gingerly moved in and touched their lips together. Riley responded by sliding his hand from Strify’s hip to his lower back. Strify then gently slipped the tip of his tongue in between lips. Riley obliged and opened his jaw to let Strify tongue explore his mouth. As Strify pulled away, Riley placed a tender peck on Strify’s lips.

“Are you ready to go?” Riley asked.

“If you are.”

“Let’s go” Riley said with a smile as he motioned Strify to turn around so he could help the singer with putting on his jacket.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AT THE CLUB~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Linking arms, Riley and Strify entered the club to find Kiro, Shin, Yu, and Romeo at the VIP table.

“How did you score this swag Kiro?”

“Oh Strify, a magician cannot reveal his secrets. You know that ;) And we’ve already gotten your apple martini.”

After a round of drinks, the familiar “Mum mum mum mah” filled the club.

“Oh my god! We have to dance NOW!” Strify ordered

“Mum mum mum mah”

“Ok, ok. Let me just”—

“Mum mum mum mah”


“I wanna hold em like they do in Texas Plays”

“Ha ok.” The other boys replied

“Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me”

With the song, Riley whispered “I love it” in Strify’s ear. Which made Strify giggle and grow weak at the knees.

All 6 boys made their way to the dance floor with Strify in the lead and Riley close behind, clutching his hand. Once Strify pushed his way to the middle, he pulled Riley in “I'll get him hot, show him what I've got” and rested his elbow on Riley’s shoulder and pulled their waists together.

After the second verse, Riley turned Strify around placed his palms on his hips. Slowly, Riley nudged his nose through the forest of hair and onto Strify’s neck. While placing tender kisses on the singer’s neck, he started to direct them upwards. At the lobe, Riley extended his tongue around it and played with the rest of his ear. Strify smiled and leaned his head back in pleasure until he could see Riley’s eyes. They both pecked each other gingerly as the song came to an end.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LATER THAT NIGHT (or early next morning)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2:30 A.M.:

A loud thump hit the front door as Kiro lost his footing and slammed his shoulder. “Fuck that hurt!”

“Just put it in already!” Shin sloppily ordered.

“That’s what she said!”

“How old are we Kiro, 4?”

“Shut up Shin! You were thinking it.”

During this whole ordeal, Strify and Riley smiled at each other in amusement while holding hands. Riley was surprised Strify wasn’t as drunk as Kiro or Shin, if at all, he was tipsy. But, so was he. Mainly because he didn’t want to wake up in the morning and regret what he’d done the night before.

“Alright, alright, it looks like its bed time for you two to go to bed” Strify said has he herded the other men into their beds. Strify sighed, “Ah, that’s done with.”

“So, what do you plan to do for your last 20 minutes?”

Strify paused a moment, looked down at Riley’s hand, and suddenly grabbed it and lead Riley to his room. “Strify, I said we weren’t going to”—

“Did I say we were?”

Riley sighed with a smile

“Good, now why don’t you move your lips in a different way other than talking?”

Riley played along and pulled Strify in. He first felt the cold ring pressing against his lips and decided to warm it up with his tongue. Strify giggled at Riley’s game but pulled away to stare in his deep blue eyes. Riley stared back not saying a word.

Strify seized the moment and started to slowly move his fingertips down Riley’s stomach to the bottom of his shirt. First, looking for approval and getting it, Strify pulled his shirt over his head. Immediately after Riley’s shirt was over his head, he gingerly started to go to work on Strify’s buttons. Strify responded by unclamping Riley’s belt. Strify could tell he was nervous so he took it slow and pulled him in for a kiss.

Strify backed up until his back was on the bed. On top, Riley unclasped Strify’s jeans. Strify started to rub Riley’s hard-on. The slight moan in the back of Riley’s throat made Strify smile inside. He was glad the situation was getting smoother, but it was still rocky. Strify didn’t care; he took what he could get. But, he was surprised when Riley moved his hand from Strify’s back to his belly button. Without thinking, Riley moved his hand into Strify’s briefs.

Suddenly, Riley stopped— became paralyzed. Strify tried to revive the situation by kissing his still lips, but they didn’t budge. They just stared into each other’s eyes until Riley got off Strify and sat on the side of the bed, “I… I just… can’t do it, Strify.”

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November 30 2009, 03:46:00 UTC 7 years ago

Oh god what a cliffhanger!!!! Dont stop!

I love this whole story, it's probably the best ihave read in a long time
aw thanks a heap ;)
i'm about a third of the way done with chapter 6 9just to keep you updated)

comments like these really light the fire under my ass


December 1 2009, 23:22:54 UTC 7 years ago

yay! Sorry I have to use anonymous, my lj account doesn't work. But I check for updates everyday! I'm really loving the story!


December 2 2009, 18:38:16 UTC 7 years ago

I am, like, really loving this. Strify better succeed in his mission, or I may possibly go crazy. And I don't mean the mission to get into Riley's pants mission. I mean, dang...what other mission is Strify on?
ha Thanks SO much! I just finished chapter 6 and will be posting it RIGHT now lol.