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Glamorous Ch 1-Smile For The Camera

This is up on my CBFF and my DA, so I'd toss it up here since people seem to like it. :3

Title: Glamorous
Raiting: PG-13 (for now)
Pairings: Strify/Kiro, Kiro/Shin, Yu/Strify, Luminor/Jetsam
Warnings: language, sexual situations, self harm
Summary: Strify is a model in Berlin who's fame is rising. Balancing photoshoots and his relationship with fellow model Kristian "Kiro", his life is great. But when competition causes him to take drastic measures, who will save him from himself? And who is the mysterious bad boy that keeps appearing? Why does he seem to care about Strify more than anyone else ever did? And just what is the story behind the elusive Club Glamorous?

“Sebastian! The photo shoot starts at noon sharp and if you are not down in two minutes I’m leaving without you!” called Roger.

Strify appeared at the top of the stairs a second later, fully dressed in a black dress shirt, skinny black dress pants, a white tie, and new shoes flown in from Italy. “I’m right here.” he said flipping his platinum blond bangs out of his face and walking down the steps to stand next to his middle aged manager. “And I told you to call me Strify, Sebastian sounds so old fashioned.”

Roger shook his head and followed Strify out of his apartment outside to where the limo was waiting for them. The minute the half blond model stepped outside, he heard a high-pitched squeal.

“Oh my God it’s Strify!”

Strify looked over to see two teenage girls coming towards him. The one who had called his name had her hair styled like his.

“C-can we have your autograph?” she asked shyly, holding out a magazine with him on the front and a permanent marker.

“Of course, how could I refuse such beautiful girls,” he said, flashing the smile that made his fan girls swoon. They both blushed and giggled as Strify took the magazine and signed it. He gave both of the girls a peck on the cheek and handed the girl back her magazine.

“Stay bizarre ladies,” he said before stepping into the limo and shutting the door.

Roger quickly shooed the girls away before getting into the limo himself. “Alright, here’s your schedule for today. You have the photo shoot at noon, an interview with the editor of that magazine we talked to a few days ago at two…”

Strify tuned out Roger’s rambling. He was used to being carted off to places. He’d been modeling since he was sixteen, and now that he was twenty, he had gotten into the swing of things. Strify continued to ignore his manager and pulled out his iPhone. He saw a text from his boyfriend of several months, Kiro. You on your way?”it read. Strify smiled slightly before replying, heading there now. He sighed and sunk into the seat as the driver covered the last few miles to the studio. It was going to be a long day…


“Strify!” called a voice.

Strify looked over to see Kiro coming towards him. He had just walked into the studio and was glad to see the bouncy blond.

“Hey you,” said Strify giving Kiro a quick peck. “I’ll be back in a bit, have to go to makeup.”

Right as he said this, Strify was whisked away by several assistants. He sat down and let Camilla, the new makeup artist at the studio, apply silver eye shadow and draw catlike lines with black eyeliner to accent his crystal blue eyes.

“Tell me what you think darling,” Camilla said, handing Strify a small mirror.

Strify examined himself and smirked. “Sexy, I like it,” he said.

“My work here is done then,” said Camilla smiling slightly.

Strify thanked the petite makeup artist and walked back to the main studio. When he got there, he saw the photographer standing there along with Kiro and two other models, Luminor and Shin. Luminor smiled when he saw Strify coming towards them.

“Hello Strify dear,” he said fanning himself with the black lace fan he always carried around. The slight breeze created by the small fan caused a few strands of Luminor’s long black hair to feather out.

“Hello Lumi, hi Shin,” said Strify grinning at the two. Shin waved and said a small “hi.” The blond never did say too much.

“All right boys!” said the photographer suddenly. “Let’s get started, I don’t have all day.” She directed the boys into position and started shooting. She started with a few individual shots and then got some shots of the three of them, alternating cameras here and there.

“Alright, you’re free to go boys,” she said, dismissing them. The three walked out of the studio.

“Well I’m off to an interview and God knows where else,” said Strify putting on a pair of Dior sunglasses. “Kiro, I’ll text you later if I’m still able to function.” He gave the blond a peck on the cheek and walked out of the studio, throwing a goodbye to Luminor and Shin behind him.

Strify found Roger outside already waiting for him. He made to get into the limo, but a bright blue paper hanging on the bulletin board outside the studio doors caught his eye. It was a flyer for a new club that had opened up downtown. Strify blinked a few times when he saw the name. “Club Glamorous: Where fun and a little bit of glamour are never far away.” Strify yanked the flyer off of its tack on the board and looked over the blue paper. The club opened at eleven and was very exclusive. He smirked. “This looks intriguing…” he thought. I’ve been working so hard lately, a little fun couldn’t hurt, plus I’d have no problem getting in. I’ll go alone though, just in case… He stuffed the flyer into his pocket. Tonight was going to be unforgettable…
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