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Random Yu/Strify drabble

Hey, I wrote this a couple of days ago, and thought i'd share it just in case anyone might like it. Let me know what you think :)

Title: Times Square
Rating: PG to PG-13 for SLASH content, I suppose
Pairing: Yu/Strify
Disclaimer: Don't own CB or the boys (sadly) Not suggesting this would/has/will ever happen. Entirely my own imagination. Not making money out of this, blah blah..

Phoenix stood at the bottom of the steps in Times Square, billboards and screens sparkling adverts all around him. He watched America go by in the fading light. He thought about the times Strify had touched him onstage; when he had gently fisted a hand in his hair and pulled Phoenix against his warm body, when he had controlled his moves in ‘forever or never’... He shuddered and sighed, grinning up at the dark skyscrapers above him.

He turned to walk up the steps, and saw a young man standing at the top, wearing black. Phoenix went slowly up towards the figure. He stood next to Strify by the railings, and looked into his eyes. Strify’s expression was one of lust mixed with... something Yu couldn’t quite believe. Was that...? No, it couldn’t be. He raised his hand to stroke the smaller man’s cheek softly. Strify’s eyes fluttered closed and he tilted his head into the touch. Phoenix leaned down and kissed him. Strify responded by slipping his arms around Phoenix’s waist and pulling him flush against him. When they eventually pulled away, Strify didn’t let go. He tightened his embrace and laid his head on Yu’s chest. Yu closed his eyes and rested his chin against Strify’s head.

“’ch liebe dich.” Strify mumbled into Phoenix’s jacket. Yu’s eyes snapped open and he flinched slightly. Strify recoiled, looking worriedly at Yu. Phoenix saw his friend’s worry and kissed him firmly.

“Ich auch, mein Engel.” He reassured Strify, and led him to sit down on the top step. Strify huddled against Phoenix and together they watched the night fall over the city.

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