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Not so conventional love chapter 4

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Title: Not so Conventional Love
Pairing: Strify/OMC
Rating; R (subject to change as story progresses)
Summary: (kinda long sorry) A week into the Lady GaGa tour, Nick and his brother, Sean, must go back to their hometown due to the death of their mother. Sean is the guitarist of one of the opening bands—The White Tie Affair—and Nick is Cinema Bizarre’s tour manager. So, Nick calls his long-time friend, Riley, to step in. But there’s a catch, Riley is straight….. and Strify isn’t happy about that. Who will hook up with who? Whose heart will get broken?

“Not So Conventional Love”

Chapter 4 – Dreaded goodbyes


“Shit, shit, shit, let’s get out of here!” GaGa yelled.

On her left stood a bloodied Riley holding the side of his face and Strify clutching his arm in support. On her right lay the two men, unconscious. The other was shaking the biggest man trying to wake him up.

“Subway! Now!” Chris ordered as he pointed to the stairway across the street. The boys helped a hobbling Riley down the steps, through the turnstiles, and on the subway.

“Oh my God! Who the hell were those guys Riley?” GaGa asked as the subway started to move.

“Let’s just say I pissed some people off before I left New York—Fuck! Strify that hurts.”

“Sorry, sorry. I just want to see where the bleeding is coming from.” Riley then removed his hand from his face, a large gash above his left eyebrow was revealed. “Damn it! We need to go to the hospital. Which stop is it?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Riley woke up to a pounding headache and a familiar smell. “Hey. How are you feeling?”

“Like shit thanks for asking Strify.” Riley couldn’t help but laugh inside about how Strify looked. With his head on his folded arms which were perched on the end of Riley’s bunk. Inside, Riley said, “Wow, he looks so… so… cu—

“Here take this.” Strify handed him a pair of white, oval pills and a glass of water.

“Thanks. What time is it?”

“4:00 pm. We need to set up for sound check in and a half an hour. It’s the last show of the tour you should be excited.”

“Ug. I don’t think I can get up.” Riley said with a smile.

“Then don’t,” Strify played.

“Then I won’t!” Riley played back.

After a long thought, Strify decided to ask. “Riley?”


“What did you do in New York?”

Riley turned his head to look at the bottom of the bunk above him. “If you don’t want to talk about it”—

“No, it’s fine. Um, well I was caught in between a rock and a hard place about 3 years ago. I was involved with some people who didn’t always abide by the law if you know what I mean. My cousin worked for…. a…..a drug gang. He was pretty high up the chain and he needed help from someone he could trust. All I did was run errands for him.”

“Like what?”

“Like pick up or drop off packages, or be there when a deal when down. I wasn’t involved directly with the drugs I just needed to money, I swear!”

Strify just took Riley’s forearm and said, “I believe you.”

Riley stopped for a moment and took in his words. They meant so much to him and he didn’t even know why. Riley shook himself out of his trance. “Thanks. Anyways, one day I was told to drop off this package somewhere in Central Park. Well, I did as I was told and as I was walking away, the police tackled me took me in for questioning. I wasn’t about to rat anyone out, but when the threatened to arrest my cousin and the rest of my family, I gave up the guys who gave me the dope. I didn’t know what to do. I hated everyone in that life except for my cousin. After that I got out of town.”

Strify just took hand and smiled.

“I’ve never told anyone that before” Riley confessed.

“I gathered that” Strify replied with a small grin. “Whatever you did is in the past, and now you’ve moved on. I admire that.”

“Hey guys we need to set up,” Kiro declared as he entered the tour bus.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT MORNING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Riley, once again, woke up to a pounding headache. But this time, there was a different smell that entered his nostrils. As he opened his eyes he saw a mess of blonde and black hair lying on his stomach. A smile came to his face but soon faded when he turned his head to find, none other than Yu’s feet inches away from his face. Without thinking, he quickly sat up causing Strify to wake up.

“Oh shit, what’s going on?” Strify yelped.

“Shit, sorry. Yu’s feet attacked me. Strify giggle as he saw a hung over Yu passed out on the couch.

“It’s ok we needed to get up anyway.”

“Ya we need to go to the airport in 3 hours”

“Please don’t remind me!” Strify pleaded with a pout.

Riley got up, “I’m going to brush my teeth and eat some breakfast. You want be to pour you a bowl of cereal?”

“That would be delightful!” Strify grinned with a wink.

“Ha ha ok just check back with me in about 10 minutes” as Riley left, he pushed away the mounds of beer cans and red cups left over from last night’s raging goodbye party. When Riley was out of sight, Strify sighed and leaned back against the couch that held an entangled Kiro and Yu.

He thought, “How in the hell am I going to be able to leave him? I tried and failed. Strify, for once in your life, you failed. The first person in your life that you weren’t able to get is standing just in the other room.”

“Strify, its ready!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 HOURS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“What gate do you have?” Strify asked as he gingerly peeked over Riley’s shoulder.

“B64. You?”

“B13. Damn”

“Well it figures, I’m only going a few states over, you are going across the sea.”

Yu interrupted, “Strify, we are going to the gate to set our stuff down. Let me take your bags”

“Oh ok thanks,” Strify said as he handed Yu his backpack. “So…” Strify turned to Riley who just finished saying goodbye to the rest of the boys. “Let’s keep in touch?”

“Of course! I’ll try to fly out as many times as I can with my mom’s flight benefits. Um… I’ll just need a place stay though.”

“Well there’s a bench outside our apartment!”

“Ha whatever punk.” Riley pulled Strify into a hug. As he did so, all of his surroundings disappeared. He curled is fingers around the loose folds of fabric on Strify’s body. As he pulled away, Strify couldn’t help himself. He pulled Riley back in and touched their lips together for a sweet, innocent kiss.

Riley pulled away. “I’ll see you around,” and quickly turned around and towards his gate.

And Strify was left standing by the escalators.

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