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Kiss Me

Title: Kiss Me
Pairing: Shin/Yu,
POV: it switches back and forth
Warnings: Sex, some fluffiness and minor mentioning of mistletoe
Summary: Shin and Yu decide to tell each other how they feel
Author's Notes: This is my first Cinema Bizarre fic, so please leave comments. Title and cut is taken from the song by Sixpence None The Richer. There may or may not be a part two, depending on the comments that are left.

Shin's POV:
Every week, Yu comes over for our usual "get together" nights. It's the only time that I can get close to him without him thinking anything different. See, I'm in love with Yu, but I never told him, because I'm afraid of ruining the band. Besides, he could get anyone he wants. Why would he want me?

Yu's POV:
I know I shouldn't do this, but it's the only way that I'm ever going to get my Christmas wish to come true. I can't believe that I've stooped so low that I'm carrying a sprig of mistletoe around so I can get Shin to kiss me. Well, I have stooped that low, and that's why I'm standing on Shin's front porch with the mistletoe tucked safely in my coat pocket. I ring the doorbell, and my picture of perfection answers the door. Shin looks sexy in his sweatpants and over sized shirt, but then again, he looks sexy in anything.

"Don't just stand there, Yu. Come inside so you don't freeze to death."

I follow him inside, letting out a breath that I didn't know I held in.

Shin's POV:
I hear the doorbell ring, and I automatically know that it's Yu. I make my way to the door, silently cursing myself for not changing into something more presentable. I open the door, gasping silently. Why does he always look incredibly sexy in everything? Oh God, he's wearing those jeans that are so worn out that there is a big hole in the knees, and the fabric is thinning near his sexy ass. I invite him inside, trying to check him out without Yu noticing. But I do notice that he has something in his coat pocket. Of course, my curiosity gets the best of me.

Yu's POV:
"What's that in your coat pocket, Yu?," Shin asks me.

"Close your eyes, and I'll show you," I reply.

Shin closes his eyes, and I pull the mistletoe sprig out of my pocket. I hold it above our heads, and say, "Open your eyes and look up."

Shin's POV:

I open my eyes and look up like Yu tells me. I gasp, and Yu kisses my look of surprise off my face. I quickly wrap my arms around him, and return the kiss. I feel his tongue on my lips, and I open my mouth. We kiss like this until the need for oxygen becomes too great.

"Yu, I'm in love with you."

"I love you too, Shin."

Yu leads me to the couch, but I end up pushing him down on the floor. I straddle his hips, and kiss him passionately. Yu rolls us over, so he's on top. How could this moment be anymore perfect?

Yu's POV:
During our heavy making out session, Shin pushes me to the ground. My cock is already hard, and Shin's grinding his hips, leaning down to kiss me. Oh God, I can feel how hard he is. I roll us over, so I'm on top now, and we're back to kissing. I stop, only to take our shirts off, and peel his sweatpants off, . I look down at him, seeing nothing but lovely pale skin, and a look of breathless ecstasy on his face. I pull back, only to take my jeans off, which are becoming unusually tight. Thankfully, I decided not to wear anything under my jeans.

"Shin, you have no idea how badly I want you," I breathe out.

Shin's POV:
I gasp on the inside at this. But I've wanted him for so long, and I can't wait anymore.

"I want you right here, right now," I growl out. I grab the back of his head, and pull him down for a kiss. I hear him moan into the kiss, and I feel his fingers slide down my chest. Yu breaks the kiss, and he licks, bites, and kisses his way down my chest. I moan, loving the feeling and contrast of warm lips and cold lip rings against my skin. He pauses, and eyes my cock. What is he thinking?

Yu's POV:
I stop kissing Shin's chest, and just stare at his cock. I can see the wheels in his head turning, wanting to ask why I've stopped. Before he even says anything, I lick my way slowly up his cock, and tongue the slit. I hear him moan, and its the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. I wrap my lips around the tip, slowly sucking on the head. Shin grabs my hair, and pulls me off his cock.

"Stop messing around, Yu. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can't walk straight for a week," Shin growls out.

"As you wish, love," I whisper in his ear. My own rock hard cock enters Shin with one hard thrust.

Shin's POV:
I moan loudly as Yu thrust into me, hitting my prostate on the first thrust. I run my nails down his back as he fucks me good and hard. Yu bites my neck hard enough to break the skin, and leaves smaller marks on my chest and shoulders. It feels like he's been inside me forever, and I love every second of it. I'm so close, and I can see that Yu is close as well. His hand snakes his way down to my cock, and his hand moves fast and rough. With a loud cry, I come hard in his hand. I almost black out from the pleasure.

Yu's POV:
Shin comes, and his cock is shooting out blood hot cum. His muscles contract around me, and before I know it, I'm riding out my orgasm, coming deep inside of him. I roll us over, so Shin is laying on top of me with his head on my phoenix tattoo. We fall asleep like that on the living room floor.
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