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Resurface 1/???

Series Title: Resurface
Chapter Number: 1
Author: Jobber
Series Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yu/Strify
Chapter Warnings: Language
Series Summary: Now that the band is gone, can feelings between singer and guitarist resurface?
A/N: Oh Jeez people. How long has it been since I've written a fic? A year and a half? Far too long. Anyway, I'm back. Oh, and I'm posting this as I'm writing it, instead of when I'm done, so if anyone wants to give me a few pokes or some other sort of motivation to keep this up until the fic is through, that would be fabulous.    <3 Jobber
Link to fic: http://j0bbernowl.livejournal.com/5713.html
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